2013-14 Undergraduate Student Awards

Award winners

Students, parents, and faculty gathered on Friday, March 14, 2014 to celebrate the achievements of EECS students who earned a special award for academic achievement, research, service, or entrepreneurial activities. Khalil Najafi, Chair for Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Marios Papaefthymiou, Chair for Computer Science and Engineering, presented the awards.

College of Engineering Awards

Epeians Emerging Leader Award
This award is presented to a second year undergraduate student who has made valuable contributions to the College of Engineering community, demonstrating initiative by taking leadership roles within at least one student organization and showing promise as a future leader in the College of Engineering.

Lauren Bilbo, Electrical Engineering

Distinguished Academic Achievement Award
This award is presented by the College of Engineering to an outstanding student from each program offered within the College of Engineering. Students are selected by each department on the basis of academic and personal excellence.

William Liu,Computer Science
Paul Myers, Electrical Engineering
Scott Su, Computer Engineering

Distinguished Leadership Award
This award is presented to undergraduate and graduate students of the College of Engineering who have demonstrated outstanding leadership and service to the College, University, and community.

Jill Bender, Computer Science
Isabel Maria Bonachera Martin, Electrical Engineering

EECS Awards

Outstanding Achievement Award
This award is presented by the EECS Department to an outstanding senior student from each of the three programs of study (EE, CE, and CS) in EECS. Students are selected on the basis of outstanding overall academic and personal excellence.

Philip Bunge, Computer Engineering
Paul Myers, Electrical Engineering
Carolyn Vlach, Computer Science

Outstanding Research Award
This award is given to students who completed an outstanding research project with a faculty member or graduate student over and above the requirements of a course or an independent project.

Noah Klugman, Computer Engineering
Benjamin Mehne, Computer Science
Kwesi Rutledge, Electrical Engineering

Outstanding Service Award
This award is presented to students who have shown exceptional leadership in their student organizations, service to the University, College, or Department, or service to the community.

Amit Kalay, Computer Science
Shannon Liu
, Electrical Engineering
Aditi Rajagopal
, Computer Engineering

William L. Everitt Student Award of Excellence
This award is presented by the EECS Department to a top student from each of the three programs of study (EE, CE, and CS). These students are in the top 10% of their class and have an interest in communications and computers, as well as professional interests and activities.

Aaron Crasner, Electrical Engineering
Mark Isaacson, Computer Science
Benjamin Wang, Computer Engineering

William Harvey Seeley Prize
This award is presented to an electrical engineering student who stands first in his/her class at the completion of the freshman year.

Gideon Billings, Electrical Engineering

This award is presented to one or more students who exemplify a partnership between engineering and business through involvement in or startup of a private business, patents, or partnerships with corporations, furthering their field of knowledge or interest.

Jamie Sookprasong, Computer Science
Scott Su, Computer Engineering

EECS Scholars
This award is given to EECS seniors who have been in the College of Engineering at least two full semesters and have a cumulative 3.9 GPA or greater as of Fall 2013.

Yujie An
Michael Angileri
Fritz Arnson
Trevor Assaf
Lauren Bilbo
William Billingham
Wade Bonkowski
Philip Bunge
Dominic Calabrese
Tie Chen
Joshua Cheng
Holly Chiang
Michael Christen
Aaron Crasner
Maureen Daum
Thomas Dodge
Nicholas Fava
Genevieve Flaspohler
Joshua Franz
Shamik Ganguly
Xuexiu Han
Kyle Harman
David Hiskens
Yiping Kang
Carl Kershaw
Matthew Ko
Charles Lacy
Reece LaFortune
Alexandros Lancaster
Maxime Lawton
Ziyun Li
Alex Liao
Cameron Lindsay
Jiatu Liu
Daniel Maclennan
Nicholas McLaughlin
Paul Myers
Sarah Paris
Samuel Parrotte
Ali Radha
John Ryan
Jaleel Salhi
Ramestr Sasirajpornchai
Stanley Smith
Lili Su
Scott Su
Ravesh Sukhnandan
Braden Swantick
Yijia Tang
Andrew Thorwall
Yi-Ling Tung
Benjamin VanderSloot
Benjamin Wang
Danyang Wang
Jingcheng Wang
Tingyi Wei
Stuart Wheaton
Karl Winsor
Joeson Wong
Mark Wu
Xiao Wu
Yuxiao Wu
Qing Xu
Yanran Yang
Chenyu Yi
Bochun Zhang
Clark Zhang
Jay Zhang
Dike Zhou

SURE Awards
These awards provided funding for students to work with faculty members on research projects of mutual interest. Following is a list of projects and participants.

Accelerating Those Yet-To-Be Born Chips
        Student: Yu (Karen) Xing
        Faculty Advisor/Mentor: Valeria Bertacco

Airway Object Tracking
        Students: Hobey Khun and Jaleel Salhi
        Faculty Advisor/Mentor: Honglak Lee

Anomaly Detection in Large Sets of Climate Data
        Student: Joe Hidakatsu
        Faculty Advisor/Mentor: Clayton Scott

Autonomous Robotics Research in the APRIL Lab
        Student: Danyang Wang
        Faculty Advisor/Mentor: Edwin Olson

Control-Data Isolation
        Students: Benjamin Mehne and Clayton Wheeler
        Faculty Advisor/Mentor: Todd Austin

Convolutional Neural Networks for Vehicle Detection
        Student: Ruben Villegas
        Faculty Advisor/Mentor: Honglak Lee

Design and Fabrication of IR Absorbers
        Student: Klevis Merko
        Faculty Advisor/Mentor: Mina Rais-Zadeh

Developing a Space Experiment to Investigate the Use of Miniature Electrodynamic Tethers to Enhance Capabilities of Ultra-small Spacecraft
        Student: Nathan Sawicki
        Faculty Advisor/Mentor: Brian Gilchrist

Evaluation and Development of Wireless Receiver
        Student: Xuexiu Han
        Faculty Advisor/Mentor: Michael Flynn

Fast Modeling of the Static and Dynamic Characteristics of a Switching Semiconductor
        Student: Nomar Gonzalez-Santini
        Faculty Advisor/Mentor: Juan Rivas

Identification of Emotional Invariance Across Music and Speech
        Student: Benjamin Burke
        Faculty Advisor/Mentor: Emily Mower Provost & Georg Essl

Invisibility Cloaking 101
        Student: Dike Zhou
        Faculty Advisor/Mentor: Anthony Grbic

Latency Arbitrage and Market Fragmentation
        Student: Dylan Hurd
        Faculty Advisor/Mentor: Michael Wellman

Mobile Apps in the K-12 Classroom
        Student: Jiexi (Cici) Lu
        Faculty Advisor/Mentor: Elliot Soloway

Near-Ground Wave Propagation Measurements With Miniaturized Antennas at Low VHF Band
        Student: Komlan Payne
        Faculty Advisor/Mentor: Kamal Sarabandi

Non-programmatic Layouting on iPhones and iPads
        Student: Taylor Cronk
        Faculty Advisor/Mentor: Georg Essl

Optimizing Transparent Thin Film Transistors
        Student: Bradley Frost
        Faculty Advisor/Mentor: Becky Peterson

Post Silicon Bug Localization
        Students: Wade Bonkowski and Astin Teferi
        Faculty Advisor/Mentor: Valeria Bertacco

Shout, MANES, and Distributed Networking
        Students: Nathaniel Jones and Jonathan Tiao
        Faculty Advisor/Mentor: Robert Dick

Solving Hard Problems by Solving Harder Problems Halfway
        Student: Xinyu (Gwin) Zhou
        Faculty Advisor/Mentor: Igor Markov

Twitter Predictor - Daily Update and Webpage
        Student: Bochun Zhang
        Faculty Advisor/Mentor: Michael Cafarella

Using GPUs to Accelerate X-ray CT Image Reconstruction
        Student: Shamik Ganguly
        Faculty Advisor/Mentor: Jeff Fessler