2007-08 Undergraduate Student Awards

Students, parents, and faculty gathered Friday, March 28, 2008 to celebrate the achievements of those students who earned a special award for academic achievement, research, service, and entrepreneurial activities. Brian E. Gilchrist, Interim Chair for the ECE Division and Farnam Jahanian, Interim Chair for the CSE Division presented the awards.

College of Engineering Awards

Charles F. Barth, Jr. Prize
Presented to an outstanding sophomore who has demonstrated academic excellence, leadership qualities and outstanding contributions to the University and community.

Pascal Carole, Computer Science

Tau Beta Pi Award
Presented to two outstanding students by the Tau Beta Pi – Michigan Gamma Chapter.

Alfred Eng, Electrical Engineering

Cooley Writing Prize
Presented to engineering undergraduates who author winning essays, fiction or drama in the Cooley Writing Contest.

Hanz Kuder, Electrical Engineering

Distinguished Academic Achievement Award - Undergraduate

Paul Cooper, Computer Engineering
Lee Callendar, Computer Science
Adam Barnett, Electrical Engineering

EECS Awards

Senior Outstanding Achievement Award
This departmental award is presented to an outstanding senior from each of the three programs of study.

Benjamin Kempke, Computer Engineering
Scott Wolchok, Computer Science
Joseph Steinmeyer, Electrical Engineering

William L. Everitt Student Award of Excellence
This award is given to three students of senior standing in the areas of electrical engineering, computer science, and computer engineering. These students are in the top 10% of their class. They have an interest in communications and computers, and professional interests and activities. Recipients receive a pen set from the International Engineering Consortium, and their name is engraved on a plaque.

Hajoon Ko, Computer Science
Jacky LoComputer Engineering
Nibal Arzouni,  Electrical Engineering

Commercialization/Entrepreneurship Award
This award is given to a student who exemplifies a partnership of engineering and business through involvement or startup of a private business, patents, or partnerships with corporations to further their field of knowledge and interest.

Chen-Chao ZhangElectrical Engineering

Richard K. Brown Memorial Scholarship
Presented to an electrical engineering student with an interest in acoustics or amateur (ham) radio.

Mark SwiderskiElectrical Engineering

Outstanding Service Award
This award is given to students who have shown leadership of student organizations, service to the University, College, or department, service to other students, service to the Community or any combination of these areas.

Ashley Issa, Computer Science

Outstanding Research Award
This award is given to students who did an outstanding project over and above the requirements in a course or an independent project with a faculty member or graduate student.

Dan Zhang, Computer Engineering

William Harvey Seeley Prize
Presented to the student who stands first in the class of electrical engineering in his first or freshman year.

Shane Boehner, Electrical Engineering

Junior Scholars

Shane Boehner (EE)
Jason Bornhorst (CE)
Allen Chang (CE)
Zhaori Cong (EE)
Brandon Drake (EE)
John Dydo (CE)
Ignatius Gozali (CS)
Jeremy Green (EE)
Jinfa Ho (EE)
Alexandra Holbel (EE)
James Huang (EE)
Trevor Hunter (EE)
Benjamin King (CS)
Feng Li (CE)
Daryl Lim (EE)
Kevin Matzen (CE)
Paul Moncznik (CS)
David Retterath (CS)
Dhritiman Sagar (CS)
Jason Sleight (CE)
Edwin Tay (CE)
Sarah Tombley (CS)
Dong Gun Yoo (CE)
Eric Wustrow (CE)

Senior Scholars

Nibal Arzouni (EE)
Thomas Barch (EE)
Adam Barnett (EE)
Christopher Berry (EE)
Pak Yuen  Chan (EE)
Minghua Chen (EE)
Brent Climans (EE)
Paul Cooper (CE)
Christopher Diehl (CS)
Anthony DeFilippo (EE)
Matt Fojtik (EE)
Michael Han (EE)
Steven Hechtman (EE)
Matthew Hillyard (CS)
Kayle Hinkle III (CS)
Paul Hou (CS/EE)
Miles Kaufmann (CS)
Benjamin Kempke (CE)
Gyouho Kim (EE)
Ezra Kwak (CE)
David Liaw (EE)
Neil Lydick (CS)
David Maxwell (EE)
Sabino Pietrangelo (EE)
Shao Ning Pei (EE)
Jeffrey Rogers (CS)
Nipuna Rupasinghe (EE)
Khuram Shahid (EE)
Justin Shaler (EE)
Yuhui Sim (EE)
Joshua Smith (CE)
Nathan Soule (CS)
Joseph Steinmeyer (EE)
Mark Swiderski (EE)
Brian Timm (CS)
Matthew Tomes (EE)
Scott Wolchok (CS)
BoQiang Xiao (EE)
Zhixiao Zhang (EE)