Network, Communication, and Information Systems Faculty

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faculty photo Deotare, Parag
Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor (courtesy), Applied Physics
Division: ECE
Address: 6104 ERB I
Email: pdeotare @
Phone: 734-647-3119
Research Interests: Research includes light-matter interaction in nanoscale systems and the development of low energy photonic and excitonic devices for applications in data communication and life sciences.
faculty photo Dreslinski, Ronald
Morris Wellman Faculty Development Assistant Professor of Computer Sceince and Engineering
Assistant Professor, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Division: CSE
Address: 2637 Beyster Bldg
Email: rdreslin @
Phone: 971-221-6554
Research Interests: Novel architectures and design technologies for energy-efficient computing, including near-threshold computer design and experimental 3D computer chips.